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Full Legs


A combination of the upper and lower legs, with both anterior and posterior sides, if needed


Laser hair removal of the entire legs is a service that males can enjoy. Starting from the ankle up to the top of the thigh, this procedure excludes the bikini line.

It requires approximately 40 minutes per session. During treatment, you may experience a stinging or rubber-band-like sensation, followed by a cooling effect.

Most individuals need a minimum of 6 treatments to see visible results, with some requiring as many as 12 treatments to achieve a reduction of up to 95% of hair.

For those with hormonal imbalances, further sessions may be necessary. The inner thigh is a particularly hormonally active area, so the typical 6 sessions may not suffice.

After the initial 6, sessions will be spaced apart by 5 weeks until the growth cycle begins to slow down. Subsequently, appointments may be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.

For optimal results, make sure to shave the area before each treatment, as well as avoiding sun exposure for a 4-week period, waxing and tweezing for two weeks, and the use of antibiotics.

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