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Underarms (Armpits)


It Covers the Underarms ( Axilla ) 


Male laser hair removal in the underarm area, including both armpits, generally takes five to ten minutes to complete and is comparable to the feeling of a rubber band slapping the skin, followed by a cooling sensation.

At least six treatments are needed for any part of the body to show progress, with the underarm region requiring six to twelve treatments for up to 95% hair reduction.

Sessions are usually five weeks apart initially and, depending on the progress of each individual, they eventually become spaced between six and eight weeks apart.

Prior to treatment, clients should shave and should refrain from sun exposure for four weeks, waxing, tweezing, and antibiotics for two weeks.

We offer discounted packages in-store and clients can get a quote and book a free consultation today. Fees are not determined by the gender of the client, but by the service provided.

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