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Abdomen (Belly)


The area of the body that lies between the chest and the pelvis

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For both female and male clients, laser hair removal can be performed on the belly (Abdomen) area, which extends from the navel to the pubic region and is slightly wider than our standard happy trail.
The procedure usually lasts from five to ten minutes and can feel like a hot pinch with a cooling sensation afterward.
In order to achieve optimal results, a minimum of six sessions are recommended for any area of the body.
In the case of the belly, however, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 treatments to reach 75 to 95% hair reduction due to its high sensitivity to hormones.
Those with hormonal imbalances may need more sessions. As hair growth slows down, treatments become spaced out from every 5 weeks to every 68 weeks.
In preparation for the treatment, clients should shave the area. To avoid skin sensitivity, they should avoid sun exposure and refraining from waxing, tweezing and antibiotic use for at least 2 weeks before treatment.
We offer discounts instore, so please call us for a quote and book a free consultation. All services, regardless of the gender of the client, are subject to the same fees.

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