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The nipple and areola are both sensitive areas of the body, containing pigmentation, and as such, care must be taken when laser hair removal is conducted on them.
During the procedure, the laser is not focused directly on the nipple, but instead, is targeted at the paler area surrounding it. Consequently, laser hair removal on this area of the body can be performed safely.

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Areola laser hair removal is a specialized treatment, ideal for female patients, which covers the area encircling the nipples.

This procedure usually requires between five and ten minutes per session

While a treatment feels like a combination of hot and cool sensations, six treatments are generally necessary to achieve a minimum of 75 to 95% reduction in hair growth, though additional sessions may be necessary in cases of hormonal imbalance.

Treatments should be spaced five weeks apart, with the time in between sessions increasing to six to eight weeks as the hair growth begins to slow.

Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to avoid sun exposure for four weeks and to abstain from waxing, tweezing, and antibiotic use for two weeks.

In addition to discounted packages, our clinic also offers complimentary consultations; please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information or a quote. Fees for services provided are determined by the nature of the service, and not by the gender of the client.

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