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Covers the entire bikini area and the perianal


Brazilian laser hair removal for female clients is an incredibly effective procedure.

It encompasses the entire front of the pubic region, extends underneath the intimate area, and goes all the way up the back of the thong line.

During the treatment, clients may feel a hot pinch, followed by a cooling sensation – however, women should be aware that the sensitivity of the area may increase close to their menstrual cycle.

Treatment of this area is still safe, however, so feel free to speak with our team for more information.
Six sessions are required to begin treating any part of the body, but for the Brazilian specifically, six to twelve sessions are needed to reduce hair growth by up to 95%.

During these sessions, treatments are spaced 5 weeks apart until the hair growth begins to slow. Then, between four and six treatments, sessions should be spaced 6 or 7 weeks apart.

Clients should ensure they shave as much as they can prior to the procedure and avoid sun exposure, waxing, tweezing and antibiotics for 2 weeks prior to treatment.
We provide discounted packages in-store, and invite you to call us for a quote and to book a free consultation today. Furthermore, our fees are determined based on the service provided, not the gender of the client. Not valid toward taxes or

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