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The area from the corners of the lower lip, two inches under the jaw line

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Laser hair removal on the chin can provide effective and long-lasting results

The treatment targets the chin The area from the corners of the lower lip, two inches under the jawline

Typically, each session only lasts around five to ten minutes and usually feels like a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation.

To start, it is necessary to have at least six sessions for all areas of the body, and the chin, which is a hormonal area, usually needs between six to twelve sessions for a 75-95% reduction of hair.

Those with hormonal imbalances may need extra treatments, which are usually spaced four weeks apart until the hair growth begins to slow, at which point treatments should be spaced out five to seven weeks.

Clients should remove any beauty products before their appointment, avoid sun exposure for four weeks before treatment, and abstain from waxing, tweezing, and taking antibiotics for two weeks prior. For the best deals, check out the discounted packages available instore. The fee for the service provided is the same regardless of the client’s gender.

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