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Full Legs


Spanning from the ankle bone to the top of the thigh, the full legs procedure encompasses the entire length of the leg but not the bikini line.

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Female clients are invited to experience the laser hair removal of full legs which includes both legs from the ankle bone to the top of the thigh, not including the bikini line.
Each session generally lasts for about 40 minutes and may be accompanied by a sensation like that of a rubber band slapping the skin or a hot pinch followed by a cooling feeling.
At least 6 sessions are usually necessary to observe an effective result, however, clients with hormonal imbalances may require additional treatments for up to 7595% hair reduction.
In the case of the inner thigh which is a hormonal area, more than 6 treatments are typically required.
Each session is spaced out about 5 weeks apart until the hair growth begins to slow, then the intervals become 6-8 weeks apart.
To ensure the best possible results, clients are advised to shave the area before treatment and to avoid sun exposure and waxing, tweezing and taking antibiotics for two weeks before.
It is worth noting that prices are determined based on the service, not the gender of the client. Discounted packages are available and potential customers can book a free consultation to receive a quote. Reviews are available to view in store.

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