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Lower Face


Extending from ear to ear across the upper lip, the hairline of a beard ends at the jawline, not below it.

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Lower face laser hair removal for female clients offers a solution to rid unwanted hair from sideburn to sideburn across the upper lip down to the jawbone.

This area does not include beneath the jaw

Sessions typically last for 15 to 20 minutes, during which time the client may feel a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation.

For the most successful results, a minimum of six treatments are usually recommended.

Because the lower face is a hormonal area, 6 to 12 sessions are generally required in order to achieve 75% – 95% reduction in hair growth.

These sessions should be scheduled every 4 weeks apart, with some variation based on the individual?s progress.

Prior to the treatment, clients must ensure they remove all beauty products, avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks and abstain from waxing, tweezing and antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Furthermore, if any acne products or medications are being used, the practitioner should be notified in advance.

In-store packages are available at discounted prices and clients can call us to get a quote and arrange a free consultation. Moreover, fees for the services are determined based on the service, not the gender of the client.

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