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Lower Legs & Knees


Extending from the top of the ankle bone to above the knee, the lower legs and knees encompass both pits on both legs

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Lower legs and knees laser hair removal is an excellent solution for females looking to reduce hair growth in that area.
Each session takes around 20 minutes, and during the treatment, you will experience a feeling like a rubber band being snapped against the skin followed by a cooling sensation.
For optimal results, six sessions are recommended, with follow-up. sessions spaced out at 5-week?intervals. It’s possible that 6-9 treatments will result in up to 95% hair reduction.
For the best outcome, clients should avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks before their treatment, as well as waxing, and tweezing, and use antibiotics for 2 weeks.
We also recommend that clients shave before their appointment.
We provide discounted packages in-store and we invite you to call us for a quote and to book your free consultation today. Our fees are determined by the service provided and not the gender of the client. Please note that our packages are not valid toward taxes or gratuity.

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