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One inch in front of the ear down to the jawline

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Sideburns span the area One inch in front of the ear down to the jawline

taking approximately ten minutes to complete. During treatment, a feeling akin to a rubber band snapping the skin will be followed by a cooling sensation.

In order to obtain the desired outcome, a minimum of six sessions must be carried out. However, for the sideburns, 6-12 sessions will result in 75-95% hair reduction.

Since this area is a hormonal region, clients with imbalanced hormones may require more treatments, which are scheduled 4 weeks apart until hair growth begins to diminish.

Following this, intervals of 5-7 weeks may be required depending on individual progress.

All beauty products should be removed prior to treatment, as well as avoiding sun exposure, waxing, tweezing, and antibiotic use for 2-4 weeks.

Additionally, any acne products or medications must be made known before beginning. Packages are offered at a discounted rate in store, and a free consultation can be arranged by calling. Prices vary depending on the service rather than the client’s gender.

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