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Upper Lip


The area from the corners of the mouth to the nose


Female upper lip laser hair removal involves treating the line of hair from the corner of one mouth to the other, under the nose.

Typically, each session lasts 510 minutes and can cause a feeling of warmth followed by a cooling sensation. Generally, a minimum of six treatments is needed to start seeing a decrease in hair growth, but hormonal imbalances can necessitate additional sessions.

Treatments are typically spaced 4 weeks apart initially and, as the individual’s progress is monitored, sessions can be further spaced to 57 weeks.

To achieve the best results, clients should remove all cosmetics and avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks before their appointment, as well as waxing, tweezing and antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Different prices apply for the services offered, regardless of gender. Packages and consultations are available at discounted rates contact us today to learn more.

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