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Upper Neck & Chin


It covers behind the jawline down to the mid-throat region and chin area.

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Female upper neck and Chin laser hair removal is a simple and safe procedure.

The treatment area extends from behind the jawline down to the mid-throat region and chin area.

Each session takes between five to ten minutes and can be quite a comfortable experience, with the sensation resembling a rubber band snapping against the skin, then immediately cooled by a blast of air.

At least six treatments are needed to achieve visible hair reduction results of between seventy-five to ninety-five percent.

Those with a hormonal imbalance may need extra sessions, with an interval of four weeks between each.

However, as the progress of each individual is different, the frequency may change to five to seven weeks in between each session.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, beauty products must be removed prior to the appointment and the area must be shielded from sunlight exposure for at least four weeks before the treatment.

Additionally, no waxing, tweezing or antibiotic usage is allowed within two weeks prior.

In case of the use of any acne products or medications, it is necessary to notify the practitioner in advance.

Not only are the prices for these services based on the service provided and not the gender of the client, but we also offer various packages and discounts at our store. Call us now to find out more and book your free consultation.

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